Best Time to Plant Sod is Fall

By on 04/09/2015

heart of grassSo you are looking for a green lush lawn fast, knowing when to plant sod is critical to your success. The good news is that unlike grass seed, you can plant sod almost any time of the year.

In most areas of the country, sod can be planted at throughout the year. The exception is frozen ground and snow. But in some areas of the south, the winter months may be an ideal time to plant sod. You’ll also want to avoid times when you know the weather will be too rainy. The rain will be great for the sod, but it might not allow you to prepare the soil properly.

Ideally, the best time to plant sod is fall and second best is spring. Fall is considered the best time because like spring the water requirements are low due to cooler weather. But you have the added benefit of less weed pressure during fall planting. The new sod will also have all winter to develop a strong root system giving it a leg up on spring plantings.

It is still not too late to plant your new lawn
Harvesting Sod in Winter

It is still not too late to plant your new lawn. Save yourself the headaches of kids and pets tracking mud into your home all winter and plant your new lawn now!


Transitioning Your Lawn for Spring

By on 04/09/2015

If you have taken a look at the extended forecast you most likely saw that temperatures in the desert areas will be hitting close to 100 this weekend. No one wants to see that in late March unless you’re a